Welcome to Inner Healing Music!

Through the use of specific timbres, melodies and rhythms, Inner Healing Music creates "music with intention." We can help you with sleep deprivation, enhancing concentration,  improving confidence, communication skills, independence, and self-awareness, allowing you to function at your very best.

Published reports by the Mayo Clinic concluded that adults who listened regularly to relaxation music reported feeling less fatigue and depression after only six weeks. The study also discovered that the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in the blood of these participants were significantly reduced. Come join us on the path to wellness, and discover music's universal power in speaking to your body and your soul!

"Your music is rich and resonant... very well done"
- Kelly Preston & John Travolta

Be sure to download our Special Report, Discovering a Powerful Path to Wellness Using the Energy of Music, plus Unwind - a powerful relaxation MP3 ready to be put to work in your busy life! Enjoy them with our compliments!