Thinking for Yourself in a Thoughtless age!

With all the various sources of information available to us, it’s no big secret that the current state of the economy is not the best it’s ever been. With that being said, the intent of this article is to provoke your thinking a bit by telling you that this is a temporary state, albeit an uncomfortable one, a temporary one nonetheless. No, the bigger picture in all of this which in part got us to this current state, is that our unique ability to think for ourselves is being completely and unforgivably eroded away.

This ability  is without question the most valuable asset we as human beings possess, animals don’t have this “option,” they can’t decide not to care for their young, out of instinct they do what the evolutionary process has taught them. Now the question remains  where and when did we lose this God-given ability to think for ourselves? Well I’m not exactly sure, but my hunch is that it happened slowly over a period of years, as most catastrophic events usually do.

It probably began when our “convenient” lifestyle came into existence somewhere around 1950 or so,  with the plethora of new ”revolutionary” items readily available at our disposal to make our life “easier.” Since then the ability to rationalize and think for ourselves has only decreased…severely. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that since the advent of the industrial revolution with the many oblivious assembly line jobs, the invention of the television set including the all “life-giving” remote control, and an improved and ”revamped” public education system that verbalizes individuality, creativity and originality and then chastises students who epitomize those very traits;  that we’ve become a more robotic, lazier  people who are less able to think for ourselves,  I would never assume such a pompous self-righteous position.  However I will  say  that in this thoughtless age in which we live,  it would do you a world of good to truly think about it for yourself.