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Music that delves into the depth of feeling, improvisation and harmony. Continue taking risks with beauty and let your heart and head value the embodiment of music.

- Don Campbell, Author of The Mozart Effect

Excellent music for massage and reiki sessions and perfect for relaxation after a hectic day.

Sharee Laine
The Reiki Center, Dayton Ohio

As a Registered Yoga Teacher practicing Yoga Nidra - guided meditation that shifts the level of awareness into Alpha and Theta wave patterns to induce receptivity for auto-suggestion to open the potential of the mind - I have found 'Essential Touch' an invaluable instrument.

Participants have commented that the composition forms waves of calm that greet the body, mind and spirit in a loving embrace, allowing them to transcend everyday existence and move towards peace and healing. I use this music in my daily practice and it has given me insights into my work and my own psyche: further developing the creative process, heightening intuition and opening my connection to universal energy and the cosmic consciousness.

Tim White, RYT 200 Reiki Master, Usui Shiki Ryoh